woensdag 21 januari 2009


Via de Harvard Mail lijst krijg ik wel eens recruitment mail doorgestuurd. Hier eentje:

We would like to invite all interested Harvard students to apply for positions with our firm. Headquartered in New York City, the [XX] is a highly successful investment and technology development firm, with a team that comes from a wide range of backgrounds. A robotics guru. A pro snowboarder. An operatic mezzo-soprano. And a lot of people who excel in subjects ranging from art history and literature to math and CS. They're not conventional "financial types," but then again, neither are we.
Accomplished Harvard students are often just the kind of candidates we are looking for - roughly 10% of employees in our New York headquarters have earned a degree from Harvard. As such, we would be most interested in speaking with you.
The [XX] makes a conscious effort to seek out and recruit individuals sharing a history of impressive intellectual or professional achievement. Current employees include a U.S. Women's Chess Champion, a Jeopardy! winner, a World Scrabble Champion, and winners of more than 20 International Math Olympiad medals. Our employees include a number of professional athletes and accomplished artists, and approximately 20% are published authors in genres ranging from academic papers to memoirs and mystery novels. While we certainly welcome applications from individuals with a background or interest in mathematics, computer science, or economics, we are equally interested in speaking with brilliant liberal arts graduates, regardless of major, who are open to the possibility of a career they may never have previously considered.
Our work environment is challenging but surprisingly flexible-from the clothes you wear to the time you get to the office, it's pretty much up to you. And we compensate our extraordinary people extraordinarily well.

Nee, ik ga daar niet solliciteren, maar ik wilde de mail wel met jullie delen. Het is toch ongelooflijk dat er ondanks deze niet zo briljante tijden in de economische wereld toch nog dit soort mails uitgaan om nieuwe mensen te werven! Niet alleen wordt er geworven, de uitblinkers worden gesmeekt om te solliciteren.....

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